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Common Inquiries

How big do Maine coons get?

What do our Maine coons eat?

What does my Maine Coons costs and what about vaccines?


Average Maine coons get up to 15-35 pounds, with a length of 40IN from nose to tail. Maine coons stop growing from 3-5 years of age. Our kings are 20 pounds in weight and 38 inches in length. 


Our Maine coons eat Nulo cat/kitten food & Taste of the wild cat/kitten, which are both grain free!! studies have shown that cats get bored and depressed with the same food which is why we tend to switch between the two every couple weeks. Chicken is actually a high cat food allergy so we stick to duck&turkey.

Our Maine Coon kittens price varies between color, prices start at $2200. 

Pedigree and registration for breeding is an additional $900. My kittens come with first round of vaccine& dewormed, microchipping is an additional $45. 

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